I'm Chef Adam M Lamb, Your Culinary Career Coach

As a seasoned chef, coach, and mentor, I have a passion for cultivating exceptional leadership within the culinary industry.

I specialize in empowering chefs to thrive in their roles through a unique blend of emotional intelligence, relationship-building skills, and communication enhancement, often improving their productivity by 20% and increasing their staff retention rate by 90%.

With a robust background in the culinary industry and a track record of success in leadership roles within prestigious hospitality establishments, I bring a wealth of firsthand experience to my coaching practice.

I know from my own experience that only by mastering emotional intelligence, relationship-building, and communication skills could I reduce staff turnover by 50% and improve operational culture.

I can show you how to do the same.

My mission is to elevate culinary professionals into effective leaders who not only excel in the kitchen but also foster thriving, collaborative teams.

What I Focus On

Emotional Intelligence

I guide chefs in harnessing emotional intelligence to navigate high-pressure environments, fostering resilience, and building lasting connections within their teams.

Relationship-Building Skills

Through targeted coaching, I help culinary leaders create a positive and cohesive team culture, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention rates.

Communication Mastery

Effective communication is the backbone of a successful kitchen.

I provide practical tools and strategies to enhance communication skills, ensuring seamless collaboration and a harmonious work environment.

My coaching services are designed for chefs, culinary directors, food and beverage directors, and property general managers who oversee teams of culinary professionals.

Whether you're looking to strengthen your leadership bench or enhance the overall performance of your culinary team, my tailored coaching approach delivers tangible results.

Why choose me as your guide?

I understand the unique challenges faced by culinary leaders in managing dynamic kitchen environments.

My coaching goes beyond traditional leadership principles, providing practical insights and strategies rooted in the realities of the culinary world.

We co-create a plan together, and then I hold you accountable to your word.

There's nothing you can tell me that I probably haven't experienced in my life.

We will spend very little time with the shame game; it's just another reason to stop us from taking action.

Choose me as your coach because I already see you as someone who is not broken and doesn't need fixing but as a sovereign human being with an innate connection to inner wisdom and dominion over your heart and your head.

I'll treat you with respect, empathy, compassion, and

understanding so that you'll start to see yourself

as I do and treat yourself accordingly.

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"Adam, whether on stage, in his writings, or on his podcast brings a fire rare among leaders today."

Chef Chris Hill

"Chef Adam Lamb is the most progressive chef in the industry regarding treating your people right. More than any other chef I know, he understands that the ways of the past no longer have a place in our industry."

Eric Cacciatorte

"Adam Lamb has been there. Lived the life of a chef. His processes for achieving life and work happiness are worth trying and may help you save the career you love.”

Mark Seibert, CEC, CCE

"Adam is a special blend of talents rarely seen in a kitchen. Chefs can cook, but can they manage? Not only could Adam do both; he excelled at both. He was a leader, a mentor, and a confidant to those he directed daily."

David Jurcak